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Welcome to my website

I have been making and developing bagpipes for over ten years and have a workshop where I live in Staffordshire. The inspiration for my pipes comes from historical sources and an understanding of acoustics. I have developed a range of bagpipes that can be confidently used for modern music, session playing as well as early music and historical re-enactment.

All the woods used are from sustainable sources with an emphasis on traditional north European hardwoods. All the reeds are plastics making the chanter and drones stable and reliable, requiring minimal maintenance.

I make a range of bagpipes that are suitable for the experienced player and the beginner. They are available as either bellows or mouth blown sets and can be fitted to your existing bellows if required.

This site contains information on the range of pipes that I make, where you can see me at exhibitons and shows. I have also included some information on making pipes in the 16th Century. If you would like more inforamtion about bagpipes in general and where to meet other like minded people then please visit the links page.