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Bagpipe Interest Sites

Bagpipe Society British Bagpipe Society site with lots of links and info.

Alpscotsmusic.org If you want to get connected with smallpipe players in the UK

Prydein Fantastic site collection all the historical bagpipe iconography

Pipersgathering American Pipers Gathering held in August.

Nspipes.co.uk Northumbrian Smallpipe history

Sackpfeifenclub Good German bagpipe club site

Bagpipe Festival Sites

St Chartier Hurdy-Gurdy/Bagpipe Festival in July


Historical Interest Links

I am part of a historical re-enactment group called Melford Hys Companie and am interested in the history of musical instrument development. Here are some links that reflect this interest. Melford Hys Companie - Historical Re-enactment Group. Kentwell Hall - Tudor Manor Hose in Suffolk - the birth place of Melford's

Instrument Making Sites

West Dean College - Excellent Arts and Crafts college where I learned much of what I know about general instrument making.

People who play my pipes

medievalmusicians Katy Marchant Daughters of Elvin